Product Features  


1Routing Algorithm

Our Routing Algorithm optimizes route to ensure maximum coverage of pick-up points in a single trip resulting trip minimization and optimum vehicle utilization.


2Effective Employee       Transportation

Aids in creating effective employee sequencing and work shift management.


3HRMS Integrated

Integration with existing HRMS system for important employee information exchange.

4Paperless Solution

Enables paperless solution towards employee attendance in transit, and more accurate billing.


5Cost Reduction

Full Utilization of Fleet that will result in significant cost saving to the company.


6Data Analytics

We Provide Analytics Dashboard and reports like Vehicle Utilization, Vendor billing verification and Employee request details.


Safety Features

  • Pickup/Drop Management

    Prioritizes pickup/drop that aids in enhancing female employee convenience and safety

  • Emergency Alert Trigger

    Missed call based emergency alert trigger system that helps business transport managers take necessary actions.

  • IVR Based drop confirmation

    Automated IVR calling to employees to record their drop confirmation ensuring female employee safety working late hours.

  • Geo-Fencing

    Alerts transport managers if fleet transits outside the planned areas.

Employee Convenience

  • Mobile app

    To track location of office vehicles using high quality digital maps in real time

  • Employee Communication

    Important information related to change in office vehicle schedule, work-shifts and business continuity planning can be communicated easily.

  • Updated Fleet Information

    Driver/Attendant contact details, bus/cab routes and other details updated on run time in mobile app.

  • Log Trip Cancellation and Ad-hoc Requests

    Allows employees to cancel trips on the fly and helps log ad-hoc travel requests

  • Saves Time

    Real time tracking helps employee in saving time wasted while waiting at pickup point for boarding the office vehicle